Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What world is Amir Peretz living in?

Today he declared Peretz: Negotiations with Syria may be possible

The conflict with Hizbullah may have created a new opportunity for renewed dialogue with the Palestinians, and potentially also with Syria, Defense Minister Amir Peretz said Tuesday afternoon.

Speaking at a bar mitzva party, Peretz said that he believes every war generates the possibility to further the greater diplomatic process, and that in this case that could mean conducting negotiations with Lebanon and creating the conditions for negotiations with Syria.

Did he somehow miss Assad's speech today? Assad all but declared war on Israel and said that he believes he can get the Golan heights back by force.

Avigdor Lieberman said the following in response.

"It is just this kind of obliviousness to reality that brought the country to the present conflict," Lieberman said.

"After Assad announced that the Golan Heights would be liberated by Syrian soldiers and that Hizbullah won the conflict, Peretz's call for negotiations with Syria will be received as a weakness and an invitation for another attack," he said. "It is preferable that the defense minister focus on preparing the army for the next unavoidable conflict rather than unrealistic wishful thinking."

Lieberman is absolutely right. It is amazing how blind the Left is. They are so full of themselves they forget that there is someone on the other side.

The slogan "Peace Now" is a very stupid slogan. It assumes that we (Israel) can make peace now no matter what. It fails to take into account that to make peace you need someone on the other side who wants to make peace as well. Unfortunately, that someone is not there on the Palestinian side, on the Lebanese side, on the Iranian side, etc. They do not want to make peace with Israel, period.

I am sure that if the Israeli leftists had been around in 1941 they would have called for negotiations with Hitler. Unconditional surrender? Of course not. Violence never solves anything. You make peace with enemies not friends. When we apply all the vacuous slogans of the Left to Hitler we see how ridiculous they are. They are just as ridiculous when applied to the Palestinians, Hezbollah, Iran, etc.


daat y said...

You are swinging and in a great groove.Emes laamito.

משה לרמן said...

Peace you make with your enemy, but right-wing people do not understand that. Also, you right-wing religious fanatic don't understand that the left ego determines reality. You got to finally accept:

הרוב החליט שלום

bluke said...

You left out one word "defeated" enemies. You make peace with enemies that were defeated and know they were defeated. If we look at the wars in the last 150 years we see that the wars where 1 side unconditionally surrendered led to peace (US Civil War, WWII). On the other hand wars where there was no unconditional surrender have just led to more wars. WW1, Korean War, the first Gulf War, the Arab Israeli wars (where the Arabs were not forced to unconditionally surrender), etc. The difference between Germany after WWI and after WWII was the fact that afte WWII they knew that they were defeated and had no excuses.

bluke said...

Your statement הרוב החליט שלום, is the kind of inane statement that the left always make. Did Hamas, Iram, Hezbollah agree that they want peace?

Let me ask you a question. What would you have done in 1941-42? Would you have made peace with Hitler? You can only make peace if the other side wants peace. The other side DOES NOT WANT TO PEACE, and you can scream PEACE from here until tomorrow and it won't change their minds.

משה לרמן said...

I was kidding...