Saturday, August 12, 2006

Now Olmert starts to fight?

Does anyone understand the latest government move? The UN passed a ceasefire resolution on Friday with the ceasefire probably going into effect on Monday morning. On Friday late afternoon, suddenly Olmert decides it's now time for a big ground operation. As the NY Times writes:

... to conclude the conflict with something that could be viewed as a victory for an Israeli government under domestic pressure.

In other words, the latest move is pure politics to save Olmert's political future.

The biggest joke is Amir Peretz's latest statement. Olmert and I will get tremendous credit for the way that we handled the war. I guess we should take this statement as seriously as his statement at the beginning of the war that Nasrallah will rememeber the name of Amir Peretz.

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daat y said...

Great point.
They lost our first war.And now to CYA ,Jewish young men and women should lose their lives.ThE REASIONS GIVEN ARE ALL 'SPIN.'