Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Lebanese government is openly violating the ceasefire agreement

What will Olmert do now? Will he stand up and try to make sure the agreement is upheld or will he less then a week after the war fold? Will he admit that the war achieved none of it's goals and that the UN Resolution isn't worth the paper it is written on?

I have a feeling that he is going to say well, the weapons will be hidden, not used, the Lebanese army is there, this is not cause for war and let things slide. Of course, as soon as you let that slide, Hezbollah will understand that the Israeli governement has no backbone and try something else. They will continue with salami tactics, each step only they take will not be a cause for war, and in a short time we will be back to where we were July 12, 2006.

Lebanon government compromise would allow Hezbollah to keep hidden weapons in south

A compromise agreement now being hammered out between Hezbollah and the Lebanese government would allow the Shi'ite guerillas to keep hidden weapons in south Lebanon, the London-based Al-Hayat newspaper reported on Tuesday.

While Hezbollah would need to keep the weapons it possesses south of the Litani River hidden, an agreement for areas north of the river would be "left to a long term solution," the paper reported.

If the proposed compromise is accepted Tuesday by the Lebanese government, it would violate the terms of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701 ending the war in Lebanon. The resolution rules that the Lebanese army and UNIFIL may be the only armed forces in the territory between the Litani River south to the Israeli border.

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