Sunday, August 13, 2006

Olmert and Peretz are sacrificing soldiers to save themselves

This is a very serious charge but I see no other explanation for why Friday night they authorized a massive ground attack after the Security Council had already accepted a ceasefire resolution. This is clearly an attempt (as even the NY Times wrote: to conclude the conflict with something that could be called a victory for an Israeli government under domestic pressure.), to try to fool the public into believing that we won the war.

Just last Wednesday after the "dramatic" cabinet meeting in which the offensive was approved, the government ministers said that the offensive was on hold to give the political process a chance. They said, why should we endanger our soldiers if there is a political solution. Does it make sense that now that there is a political solution (after all the Israeli government has accepted the ceasefire proposal) that we should suddenly start a massive ground offensive for only 60 hours? Why then was the offensive put on hold on Wednesday if it is going on anyway after there is a political solution?

This insane race with a strict deadline is no doubt causing more casualties as the army tries to beat the deadline.

Ironically, the offensive seems to be working, yesterday only about 60 katyushas fell instead of 150 It looks like I was too optimistic given the limited amount of time. Of course, this begs the question, why didn't this offensive happen weeks ago? If it had started 3-4 weeks ago, we might have actually already won the war and stopped most of the katyushas.


Pesky Settler said...

Israel didn't do this earlier because Amir Perez has no military expertise and Olmert has only marginally more...

bar_kochba132 said...

The answer is simple: Henry Kissinger's famous dictum "Israel has no foreign policy, only domestic policy". This means that
the security of the country and its citizens are subordinate to the political needs of the ruling oligarchy. If citizens lives have to be sacrificed in order for the regime to stay in power, so be it! Also, consider this...if Shimon Peres had decided that the security of the country was more important than winning the Nobel Prize, he never would have brought Arafat and his terrorist gang to Israel as part of the Oslo crime. The world doesn't grant Nobel Piss Prizes to people who stand firm on Israel's security (e.g. Ben-Gurion)but only to those who participate in the dismantling of the Jewish state. Sorry, but this is the reality of thinking of those running this dictatorship.