Sunday, August 13, 2006

A government of cowards

The vote for the ceasefire today was 24-0. Not a single minister voted against it. Only 1 minister, Mofaz, abstained. After reading his fierce criticism (that the agreement is a worthless piece of paper, השר מופז, שנמנע היום בהצבעת הממשלה, ביקר בחריפות את ההחלטה 'שצידה היישומי לא ברור' (Hebrew only)), I don't understand how could he only abstain, how could he not vote against? You would think with one of the largest governments in history (25 ministers) at least 1 would have the courage to say the emperor has no clothes and vote no. Who needs 25 ministers if they are just a rubber stamp for the Prime Minister?

This tidbit from Debka, shows the depth of the spinelessness of the ministers.

DEBKAfile’s Jerusalem sources reveal that Friday night, when the prime minister accepted the ceasefire resolution, none of his key ministers were willing to second the decision. Olmert ran solo with the announcement without consulting his cabinet or the high military command.

No one was willing to even second the decision 2 days ago and yet today it is accepted 24-0.

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daat y said...

You are expressing well our extreme frustration about a war that we have lost .It is a war that we could have won and existentially had to win.