Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yitzchak Rabin on giving Gaza to the Palestinians - How wrong he was!

The big questions is would he have had the courage to admit that he made a mistake?

(Hat tip Life In Israel)


Staviyski613 said...

Constantly invoking past mistakes cannot solve the problems that currently exist.

If we continue to worry about the past, and offer "solutions" that are impossible, the situation is never going to change, let alone get better or worse.

I personally opposed withdrawing Jewish settlers from Gaza because that maneuveur was conveying to Palestinians that it was "okay" to discriminate against and eradicate fellow citizens just because you hate them.

I also opposed it because Palestinian leadership was and always is incapable of policing Palestinians.

One cannot build "peace" or stability or trust or faith between nations, or "statehood", upon a core principle of hate [demanding that all citizens you hate be ousted],no can one expect terrorists to police themselves.

The other failure of the disengagement was the UN. The entire world watched as Palestinians destroyed all the greenhouses and orchards and farms [agricultural industry destroyed] and synagogues, the world watch as Palestinian terrorists including Hamas immediately began launching missiles into Israel right after the last residues of Israel's presence was removed, the Palestinians fired mortar shells and rockets into Israel to celebrate the withdrawal, Palestinians murdered one of Arafat's relatives during the celebrating, and basically trashed the foundational remains of the former Jewish settlements.

And the UN did NOTHING.

For any reciprocal concessions between Palestinians and Israelis to work, the UN MUST physically police the Palestinians (and, unfortunately, to my personal dismay, they must police Israeli settlers in the West Bank).

Otherwise, all concessions on either side are meaningless breathers between battles, because 100% of the time Israeli concessions are reciprocated with Palestinian violence, and the UN looks away.

bluke said...

Those who don't learn from history's mistakes are doomed to repeat them

bluke said...

DO you really believe the UN will ever police the Palestinians? How many times does the UN need to fail until you stop believing in them?

Staviyski613 said...

I do not believe a regular UN force would or could police Palestinians.

But I do believe an US/Arab-led UN force would and could police Palestinians.

The UN are great at advancing human rights and humanitarian relief, they're solid at managing transitional governments, and they have an average record of enforcing peacekeeping missions.

But they're incompetent hypocritical pathetic failures when they are confronted with directly countering terrorism, violence, wars, etc.

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

> The UN are great at advancing human rights and humanitarian relief,

Name one place they've gotten it right. In all the major natural disasters of the last 30 years, it's the US, not the UN, that supplies the ships and relief materials, AND delivers them on time while the UN has committee meetings. Look at the Tsunami and Burma

> they're solid at managing transitional governments

Name one!

> , and they have an average record of enforcing peacekeeping missions.

UN peacekeeping prolongs conflicts. In the natural course of a war, one side overpowers the other and wipes it out. But when the UN comes to town, the weaker side gets a breather and a chance to re-arm for a round 2 they might not otherwise have enjoyed. Look at Cyprus, for example.

As for Rabin, it's known what he would have said. When he gave the Arabs Yericho and 'Aza he was asked what he would do if Arafat, y"sh, started using them as bases to attack Israelis. He announced that "We gave it to them, we'll take it back." And when Arafat did exactly that and the press confronted Rabin, he attacked the press instead of Arafat, denied his intentions to ever retake an inch of land and then proceeded to hand more over.