Friday, January 09, 2009

Tzippi, what happened to the UN?

Tzippi Livni was the chief architect of the Resolution 1701 which ended the Lebanon war. She listed that as one of her big achievements. It was great that the UN was involved. Yet, as time passed, it became patently clear that it was a disaster (see Security Council resolution 1701 has completely failed).

She still refuses to admit it however, it is interesting to see her stance this time towards the UN. Now, she is adamantly opposed to any UN resolution regarding the Gaza conflict. If she were a different type of politician as she claims she would admit her mistake.

In any case, she failed again as the UN passed a completely one sided cease fire resolution against Israel.


Anonymous said...

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Staviyski613 said...

""In any case, she failed again as the UN passed a completely one sided cease fire resolution against Israel.""

So you bash her for rejecting an anti-Israeli resolution?

bluke said...

No, I bash here for not preventing it. She didn't even bother to go to the UN.

Here is an article from YNet that agrees with me משרד החוץ נרדם בשמירה

bluke said...

Here is an article from Haaretz as well ANALYSIS / UN Gaza truce resolution was serious diplomatic malfunction

Last I checked Tzippi Livni was still Foreign Minister.

Staviyski613 said...

Israeli Ambassador Gabriela Shalev was present at the vote, and Livni gave a direct statement to the UN prior to the vote

Israel is conducting major military operations, their main leadership [Olmert, Livni, Barak] could not leave Israel during that critical period.

Nothing Israeli leadership has ever said or done has stopped a UN Resolution from being passed against Israel.

According to Ha'aretz and JP and YNET, most polls indicate Israelis strongly support this incursion in Gaza, and do not want it to end until Hamas is ousted.

Do not take UN resolutions seriously - UN resolutions are "on the record opinions/we urge this and that/we express this and that", not laws that must be obeyed.

Most of their resolutions collect dust and disappear. The only time the UN acts on their resolutions is when the war is over. Otherwise, the UN is a nothing but an academic forum allowing world leaders to vent, and Israel has more pressing things to tackle than academic venting.

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

UN resolutions are meaningless. Even the Security Council doesn't pack much weight.
The only thing the resolutions are good for is Arab propagandists so they have numbers to quote when attacking Israel.