Monday, January 05, 2009

The 3 State Option

John Bolton in the Washington Post rightfully buries the idea of a Palestinian state. The solution that he advocates is I believe similar to what Benny Elon has been saying for years. Basically he is proposing that Egypt take control of Gaza and Jordan in some way shape or form the West Bank (details about the West Bank need to be worked out). This is a much more realistic solution then the current failed 2 state model.

The biggest problem is that the Arabs will never agree for a lot of reasons.

In any case this is a good thing because the more people dispute the current 2 state orthodoxy the better.

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Staviyski613 said...

Egypt and Jordan oppressed and massacred Palestinians from 1948-the 1970's. Remember Palestinians terrorized Egypt and Jordan for decades and tried to destroy the Jordanian government.

Neither Egypt or Jordan want the land or the people that live on the land. Egypt has attacked Palestinians in recent years, through to right now. Egypt themselves are smacking down Palestinian militancy.

Israel should continue to clean out Hamas, allow the remainder to the Palestinian government to govern there, rebuild it,and move forward with the joke of a "peace plan roadmap, like everybody wants.

Everybody wants to continue with the joke of a roadmap, so let's continue it.