Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Does this sound familiar?

U.N. Staff and Hospital Come Under Shelling as ... Fights Cornered Rebels

...the United Nations confirmed that staff members and their families had come under heavy shelling in what the government told them was a no-fire zone, and a government health official, also behind the front line, described artillery attacks on a hospital compound.
A shell landed near the compound on Saturday evening, and then another early Sunday morning, killing 9 civilians and wounding more than 20, according to a memo sent by United Nations officials in ... to their headquarters in New York.

“Our team on the ground was certain the shell came from the ... military, but apparently in response to an L.T.T.E. shell,” the memo read. “All around them was the carnage from casualties from people who may have thought they would be safer being near the U.N. Sadly they were wrong that night.”

A United Nations official, speaking Tuesday on condition of anonymity, said the team on the ground had suspected that the rebels were firing at government forces from close to where civilians were taking shelter. “Both sides are egregiously flouting humanitarian norms and principles, and as a result civilians are dying,” the official said.

Where is Ban Ki Moon? How come he is not immediately flying out to visit the scene? How come there are no calls for an immediate cease fire? Where is the emergency session of the Security Council? How come we don't hear the US State Dept. condemning the attacks? Where is the European Union? Why is the BBC's top story "Israeli jets target Gaza tunnels" and not this? The hypocrisy of the world is there for all to see.

The answer is very simple, this is all happening in Sri Lanka and not in Gaza.

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