Tuesday, August 28, 2012

carryandcash.com - Social shipping and delivery, is this really a good idea?

In the OU Torah tidbits this past week the following ad appeared:
Carry and Cash will connect people who have packages to send to people who are traveling who will take the package for a small fee. Sounds great at first but there are a number of major problems.
  1. Security - We have all heard about people being arrested for carrying contraband given to them by a third party. In fact, cash and carry explicitly state on their website that you should "Unpack & Repack" every item. By doing that you are supposed to verify that what you are taking is legitimate. However, that is not always so simple. What happens if someone hides contraband in an innocent looking object such as someone gives you a stuffed animal to transport stuffed with illegal drugs. You won't detect this by simply unpacking and repacking and if you are caught you will go to prison for a long time. Do you really want to take that chance for a few bucks?
  2. It may be illegal. Most countries allow travelers to bring a small amount of goods into the country (in Israel for example up to $200) for personal use. However, there is no such allowance for commercial purposes so even if you are bringing in a $5 item for someone (and getting paid for it) you may strictly speaking have to declare it at customs etc.
  3. Liability - As I mentioned above you are supposed to "Unpack & Repack" every item. What happens if you repack the item and it gets damaged? What if it is stolen on the way? Who is liable?

Better to be a Ganenet then to work in Hi Tech

And the woman should be home for the children in the afternoon.

This all sounds great except that who is going to pay for this? The husband is of course learning in Kollel, so the wife is the main breadwinner. How exactly are you supposed to support a large family on a kollel stipend and a Ganenet's salary and then to top it off buy your children apartments when you marry them off?

Source: הגראי"ל: "עדיף לעבוד כגננת מאשר בהיי-טק"