Friday, January 09, 2009

The government fiddles while Rome burns

Last night the UN Security Council approved a resolution calling for an immediate cease fire. This is going to make it very difficult for Israel to embark on phase 3 of the ground operation.

The government has been acting as if Israel has all the time in the world. Everyone knew that the time window for an operation would be limited and that relatively quickly the world would intervene and impose a cease fire. yet, the government has dithered and dathered about making decisions. For example, on Wednesday the cabinet met to discuss phase 3 and didn't come to any decision. Well now it may be too late. If the operation had already started then it might have been possible to continue.


Staviyski613 said...

Hamas has rejected all pleas for a ceasefire.

Why should the IDF halt its operations while Hamas continues without any international interference to launch Iranian missiles into Israel?

bluke said...

Not for rejecting it, but for not preventing it. In fact, she didn't even go to the UN.