Thursday, July 20, 2006

Radio interview with an Arab Israeli

I heard an interview this morning on the radio with an Arab Israeli from Nazareth. He is the uncle of the 2 boys who were killed by a Katyusha yesterday.

Interviewer: Are you upset with Nasrallah for firing katyushas at Arab Israelis?

Arab-Israeli: Nasrallah is a religious man, he would never fire rockets at civilians. He is only firing at military targets.

Interviewer: Are you sure?
Arab-Israeli: I am 100% sure, Nasrallah would not shoot at civilians.

They then interviewed the editor of the largest Arab weekly newspaper in Israel.

Interviewer: What is the headline of your paper going to be?
Editor: Israel continues it's belligerence

Interviewer: Is that really going to be your headline. Nothing about Hezbollah? Can I change your mind?
Editor: No you canot change my mind

Interviewer: Are you writing this because you think it will boost readership?
Editor: No, this is what we believe.

The Arab population even though it has suffered also still supports Hezbollah. Not only that but they have complaints against the government that they don;t have bomb shelters.


Drew said...

I wish I could follow everything that was going on. But I just have doom-saying media outlets and extremely biased friends to pass me information.

aaron said...

I call civilians that hide bombs in their homes 'enemy combatnats' and that means you are fair game.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Here are some links that I believe will be interested