Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Jewish Observer banned (edited)

The latest edition of the Jewish Observer deals with Torah vs Science (the age of the world and other such questions). Because of that it has been banned. Below is the text of the ban.


Anonymous said...

How do you know this has to do with lakewood? Hes not one of the roshei yeshiva?

He seems to be simply stating his opionion (take it or leave) that its assur to have it in your home.

And he seems to be only talking about this one issue.

Hasnt this issue been hocked about enough? Cant you find any other issue to nitpick against the chareidim? There are enough blogs in the blogsphere to help you find what to take issue against the charedim. Do a new one. We did this aleady :)

Anonymous said...

when i said he is talking about this one issue, i meant this one edition of the JO

Mark said...

This rav is well known as an ultra- kanoi from MONSEY, why do you blame every thing on Lakewood?

Are you that out of the loop on the Yeshiva world?

Josh Weinberg said...

This picture looks very familiar. Maybe you should mention where you got it from.

Baruch Horowitz said...

There are some people who should not be exposed to even the JO article! Obviously, the JO ran the article by their Rabbinic board.

I think that the JO was trying to reach a specific target audience, and the editorial board knew that there are those on both the Right and the Left who would not like it--but they were not aiming for them.
Baruch Horowitz | 07.02.06 - 4:59 pm | #

Eli said...

How ironic.

Anonymous said...

People accept direction from Torah authorities voluntarily. Those who follow the authorities behind the JO will not lose sleep over this "ban".

Which, of course, we all know.

david said...

What happened to 'Da ma shetashiv L'Apikores"?

Monsey resident said...

This kanoi that signed this letter has nothing to to with Lakewood. (although he would have liked to.)
He was thrown out of The Telzer yeshiva in cleveland ohio years ago and moved to monsey.
He is known to be a radical.
He is the same kanoi that came one year to the agudah convention with a bunch of thugs giving out papers to people protesting the opening of a branch Touro college.
He threatened to destroy the place if they did open so lander backed off.
At some point his daughter married the son of Rabbi Diamond from the Kollel in Deal N.J.
Now Bloch gives a shier in Deal kollel.
Who knows what his next move will be. He has a bunch of goons as followers so be careful.

Anonymous said...

that DEAF JERK up in Monsey!

does anybody expect anything better coming out of him?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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