Tuesday, July 18, 2006

How stupid can the Israeli Left be?

In todays Yediot Acharonot there is an opinion article לא לקרוע להם את הצורה by a Meretz MK, Avshalom Vilon, which states the following (my paraphrasing).

To ensure the success of the diplomatic effort after the fighting ends we shouldn't hit Hezbollah too hard. We need to leave them some of their pride. Then he goes on to list some of the conditions that Israel would need to accept including:
1. A prisoner swap
2. allowing hezbollah to remain in South Lebanon under internatinal supervision

This is one of the stupidest articles I have read in a long time. We can't hit Hezbollah too hard to allow them some pride?????? What planet is he living on? This is so silly I can't believe that someone actually wrote this with a straight face. I guess he never heard of the Powell doctrine. I am sure that he would have said the same during the WWII, of course we can't ask for unconditional surrender and don't hit the Nazis too hard. The fact is because in WWII we annihilated the enemy and held out for total surrender neither the Germans or the Japans have made a peep since. Only decisive, unambiguous victory for one side or the other can end a long, bitter conflict. Until Israel learns this there will never be peace. Organizations like Peace Now not only don't being Peace Now but like Neville Chamberlain, actually encourage the other side to continue the battle.

The only bright spot is that if you read the reader's comments on that article, they are overwhelmingly negative and basically echo the points that I made here. At least it seems, the average Israeli is waking up.

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