Thursday, December 17, 2009

R' Herschel Shachter is on the front cover of the Mishpacha magazine - Updated

There is a very long positive article about R' Shachter, RYBS and YU. They actually call YU a "fortress of Torah" and R' Shachter is described as "average height but colossal stature".

R' Belsky who works with R' Shachter at the OU said the following about R' Shachter:

he is a gadol in Torah, Yiras Shamayim and Midos, and I couldn't do this without him.

Very high praise indeed.

For anyone who learned at YU this article is a must read.

I have to say I am stunned that a Charedi magazine would publish such a positive article about a YU Rosh Yeshiva. I can't wait to see the letters in the next few weeks.


no one said...

the only real great people in torah that I knew were reb shmuel berenbaum and lavdil lechayim r naftali yeger --but as far as I could tell there was no place in shas that reb shmuel did could not give a very deep shiur klali on the spot.
Every other so called gadol I have ever met in the last thirty years could in general not even understand the tos at all and barely any gemara--it makes no difference if they are dati leumi or charedi.
Gedolim in this dor are simply ami haaretz in wolf clothing

Harry Maryles said...

I'm stunned!

Jonathan said...

This is a Great Happening. Kudos Mishpacha for bridging the gap between MO and Charedim. In this merit may you grow and prosper

Neil Harris said...

Thanks for posting this.

Natan Slifkin said...

People who know about the Rav and who read the article told me that it was appallingly revisionist.

bluke said...

There is no question that the article was written from a Charedi viewpoint and tried very hard to paint the Rav as a regular Rosh Yeshiva. Is that revisionist? Maybe depends on who you ask.

FrumJewInYU said...

Yeah, the Rav Schachter coverage was great, but I was not happy about how the article attempted to skew the Rav's beliefs to better fit the demographic.