Monday, December 21, 2009

Is R' Shteinman one of the Gedolim?

R' Shteinman recently met with the Rav Yoel Cohen, the Chozer, a prominent Chabadnik who was very close to the Rebbe. Because of this 2 pashkevilim were circulated late last week. One was a 4 page screed about how we need to be pure in hashkafa etc. and which basically said that R' Shteinman is not a Gadol. The second was 2 pages with a list of quotations from various "Gedolim" against the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

This reminds me of a story that I read about the Brisker Rav. A number of kannoim came to him to get his support for a protest against something. They said that he was the Gadol Hador and they wanted his approval. He answered, you only call me the Gadol Hador because you think I support your position. As soon as I say something you don't like I will no longer be the Gadol Hador.

The same or worse applies today and is exactly what happened to R' Shteinman. Yonasan Rosenblum (Kollel is not always forever) said it best:

There is another reason that there will be no such public statements. Any such statement would be met with vicious attacks by the “kenaim,” who would say about the gadol in question precisely what KollelGuy asks me: Who are you? The Chazon Ish did not say what you are saying; Rav Shach did not say it.” Perhaps KollelGuy remembers the attacks on one of the Sages he mentions for his tacit support of Nahal Chareidi. (Even Rav Shach used to say that he was afraid of the stone-throwers.) One of the members of the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah of the United States told me recently that the gedolim cannot even discuss questions surrounding poverty because if they did the “street” would just label them fake gedolim.


Eliezer said...

Do you have a link for the Rosenblum quote?

bluke said...

I updated the post with a link

Mississippi Fred MacDowell said...

So they're chareidim mamash.

Mrs. said...

if they did the “street” would just label them fake gedolim.

They are already are a "fake" because they rather have frum people be dirt poor that loose the title of a "true" godol.

Bunch of pussy cats that only care about their own status.

Also, if all those Gedolim sign together (say 60 signatures) to a statement saying that parnosah is important - i doubt that all 60 would be labeled as "fake".

Mrs. said...

The problem is that some Gedolim are supportive of "kollel forever" idea.

And they would call the other Gedolim (who care about poverty) as "fakers."

The problem is not with the street, but with half of Gedolim.

How come only R Steinman signed to nachal charedi? Where are R Eliashiv, R Kanievtsky, R Moshe Shapiro etc...?

They, by not signing together w/r steinman, made him look like lone maverik/faker!!