Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Are גמ"ח's a bad thing II?

This weeks Mishpacha magazine in English published a letter which drives home the point about how גמ"ח's can destroy people.

...When I began marrying off children, I saw no way over the fence except to take out gemach loans.
I knew that the only way I could keep going was to continue to juggle loans. I"ve married off five children and have another six to go. I"m currently juggling about 45 gemachim. My days and nights are consumed with paybck schedules deadlines and possibilities for other loan sources. For me it's to late to get out of the web. But it's not too late for others to not get sucked in.

Juggled to Death Jerusalem

It is not a typo, he is juggling 45 gemach loans. I know that he is not alone and the situation is clearly out of control.

Below is the actual printed letter:


Orthonomics said...

Clearly out of control. You've been linked.

Let's hope that his wife serves cake and punch at the next six weddings. This plan clearly isn't working.

Warren Burstein said...

When he finally finishes his 120 years of juggling, who is left holding the bag? The Gemachs? His children? His guarantors? Klal Yisrael?