Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shaul Mofaz's legacy as transport minister

Disaster for the Israeli airlines. The EU is threatening to downgrade Israel and may ban Israeli airlines from landing or flying over Europe. If that happens, it is the end of El Al.

Meanwhile where is the Transport Minister? What is he doing to solve the problem? What has he done the past 3 years? Over the past 3 years I heard Mofaz interviewed many many times. Not once, was the focus of the conversation on the Transport Ministry, the conversation was always about Iran, Hamas, Hezbullah, politics, etc.

It is amazing how someone who was a complete and utter failure as Transport Minister (someone please come up with one positive thing that he did) can be considered one of the leaders of Israel and a serious candidate for Defense Minister and even Prime Minister.

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Critically Observant Jew said...

It seems that the last good Transportation Minister was Avigdor Liberman. Too bad that most likely, he won't be taking that post again.