Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Torah world in Israel by the numbers

Here are the number from this week's Mishpacha.

30,150 yeshiva students in 400 Yeshivos
61,243 married men learning in Kollel in 1239 different Kollelim (an average of 50 people per Kollel).

These are unprecedented numbers, over 90,000 people sitting and learning full time, (and this excludes all the kids in Yeshiva Ketana who learn full time).


ZB said...

So we are talking about roughly 100,000 men past high school who are learning full time with no to limited educational prospects of being to find a decent paying job. This number should double every 10-15 years, and the cost of funding the system has to to be in the billions! Wow, hopefully there will be some change in the future or else it will be forced upon them, by sheer economic forces.

bluke said...

With the collapse of the dollar that is happening already. Much of the money for the Yeshivas and Kollelim comes from the US. The economic problems coupled with the devaluation of the dollar vs the shekel has led to a real crisis in the Torah world (see The Torah world in Israel is on the verge of financial collapse). There are kollels today in Israel who don't know how they will pay the Avreichim for Pesach.