Monday, March 03, 2008

Lebanon Redux II

Unbelievable. The Palestinians are still shooting missiles at Ashkelon and the government pulls out the troops from Gaza.

Grad missile hits Ashkelon home after IDF troops exit Gaza

This is exactly the mistake that the government made in Lebanon. Instead of applying massive concentrated force, the government is making do with small raids that cannot accomplish the main goal, stopping the firing of missiles on Israeli cities. Unfortunately, the government has learned nothing from the Lebanon war and is continuing to waste lives and times while it dithers around.


Even Haaretz agrees with me

On the path to bitter disappointment

...It seems that the government is also affected by the same spirit that guided its steps during the first days of the Second Lebanon War. While it appears to have adopted the insights of the Winograd Committee and has at its disposal more successful leaders than Amir Peretz and Dan Halutz, the impression created during the past 48 hours is that even now its declarations are hollow and that is has lost its way in its search for a solution to the current situation.

We need a fundamental change, and the way to do this is by either one of two tracks - the military or the political. If the violent option is selected, preparations need to be made regarding its scale, the determination for carrying it through and the means that are necessary to achieve the goal. In other words, to act militarily from the air and the ground with the necessary force that would destroy Hamas' ability to launch rockets against Israel.

If this goal cannot be achieved - either because of the cost in lives such an operation will claim or for other reasons - the diplomatic option needs to be adopted and a dialogue needs to commence with the Hamas leadership. If this angle is not realistic - because of considerations involving Israel's relations with the Palestinian Authority, the United States, or other reasons - the broad military operation needs to be chosen.

A limited military operation, like the one that has been taking place over the past two days, is is not effective: it does not even seek to bring an end to the rocket attacks, it does not aspire to alter the situation fundamentally, and it does not even pose clear goals. The way things are currently being conducted, the government is in danger of once more bitterly disappointing its citizens in an area they are particularly sensitive about: their security.

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zdub said...

Why "unbelievable"? Do you really think that the Palestinians will respond to Israel's military incursions by stopping their shelling? Do you think that even a "massive concentrated force" will anything more than a temporary band-aid? Crippling them economically will likewise be of no avail. History has clearly shown that these will continue to be futile measures.

But don't ask ME what the answer is! Even Rabbi Kahane's solution of mass relocation of Palestinians is fraught with peril and would create a ticking time-bomb.