Sunday, July 29, 2007

RBS B - Majority of residents are opposed to violence and demonstrations

Mishpacha (Hebrew) had an article where they said that the overwhelming majority of the residents of RBS B are opposed to the ongoing violence and demonstrations. If so why don't they make their views known? It is not simple to oppose the "kaanaim" and people are afraid. Below is the article:

The silent majority is posting pashkevilim. Here is one translated from the article:

Breders (Yiddish word, I don't know what it means), is it worth it at any price? Go out in the street and look at our neighborhood, it has been lowered to the dumps, filthy and destroyed. Who are we fighting? Until now we have lived in an beautiful neighborhood, now destruction rules the neighborhood. Our houses are disgusting from the graffiti written on the walls, the sidewalks are destroyed, the streets are full of rocks, the fences are broken, the trees have been uprooted and destroyed. In one fell swoop we have fallen 77 levels backwards so that instead of living in a neat and tidy place we are living in a desolate city and anyone who sees it will not want to step foot in it. Is this how we make our neighborhood beautiful?

With no public transportation because the roads are blocked and rocks are being thrown, righteous women are being forced to walk with their packages and sons on the street.

Is it not enough that the government oppresses us that we need to harm ourselves as well? Are we conducting a holy war by throwing rocks that can kill, on other Jews?


Chanoch said...

breders = brothers

abiebaby said...

In Yiddish "brider" (without the [apostrophe] "s" means brothers.

I would assume this is a call to act as a family, without violence.

Evan said...

I just went exploring in Ramat Beit Shemesh a few days ago. It was described to me as being very Americanized, but it seemed more Haredified to me. Out of curiosity, do you know what, exactly, they are referring to when they describe "government oppression?"

bluke said...

You have to understand where these people are coming. They all follow
the Edah Chareidis/Satmar hashkafa that the state is a terrible thing
and a מעשה שטן, they take no money and do not participate. From their
perspective the existence of the state is a bad thing.