Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The New Israeli Government

Today Olmert is making a round of ministerial appointments to restart his government. Unfortunately the only criteria that he is using for the appointments is loyalty and quiet. He is appointing either his loyalists (Bar-On and Ramon) or his enemies (Sheetrit) to shut them up. Actual qualifications for the job are irrelevant.

Chaim Ramon is a convicted criminal who is being appointed Vice Premier and Minister without Portfolio. Why a small country like Israel needs Ministers without Portfolio is beyond me, except that he is Olmert's buddy.

Roni Bar-On is the new Finance Minister. He is a criminal lawyer with no background whatsoever in finance and no known socio-economic agenda to speak of. His one and only qualification is that he is loyal to Olmert.

The public knows this, and therefore the people have no faith in the government whatsoever. The Finance Minister in Israel is the second most powerful person in the country in charge of a budget of close to $80 billion. To appoint someone with no financial background is a joke.

It is clear that the current Parliamentary system in Israel has completely and utterly failed. Unfortunately no one in power is going to change things.


Ben-Yehudah said...

B"H Hmmm... Does that mean Ms. Livni's getting a major "toe-stepping-on?" wrath like that wrath of a woman scorned. Hudi's in for it now.

Rafi G said...

nobody will change things, because they created this situation and it is good for them. It gives them their jobs with their high salaries and perks.