Friday, March 25, 2005

Presenting the Gedolim Shas

Are you worried that your talmidim are being exposed to improper ideas (such as sex, improper hashkafas, practices that are against halacha, etc.) in their gemaras? Have no fear. You can now buy the new Gedolim shas which has been vetted by a panel of gedolim and is guaranteed to have none of the above.

The other advantage of this shas is that Daf Yomi can now make a siyum in 1 year instead of 7.

While this sounds like Purim Torah, if we take what R' Leff and others are saying to it's logical conclusion this is where we are headed.


Anonymous said...

You can laugh, but the chassidiche already dont allow bochrim to learn all sorts of stuff, till marriage.
This is the infiltration of Hungarian extremism into the mainstream, IMO.

bluke said...

That is very hard to do. For example daf yomi in Berachos just had a sugya dealing with פולטת שכבת זרע. Do they skip b'rachos 24. That is how the talmud bavli is, anything can appear anywhere.

Aaron said...

I think it should really be called the Konoyim Shas. Take out all viewpoints that disagree with yours so you don't have to bother to distort them, which is the practice till now.

Aaron said...

Clarification: By Konoyim, I mean the people behind the scenes who go running to the true Gedolim, distorting facts in many cases, & who are ready to issue Kol Korehs at the drop of a hat.