Monday, March 07, 2005

Daf Yomi

After many years of being against Daf Yomi I have decided to start. In the past I felt that the pace was too fast and that I wanted to learn on my own and struggle through the Gemara. I have been doing this for a while since I left Yeshiva and started working usually in either some kind of early morning or night kollel. If so, what changed my mind? I realized, that at the pace that I am going (spending a year learning hilchos nidda b'iyun for example) there are parts of Shas that I simply will never learn. I came to the realization that I need to have at least learned all of Shas once. To counter the problems with Daf Yomi I am doing the following.
1. I am going to a shiur of someone I know from Yeshiva who now is a really big Talmid Chacham
2. The shiur is small and almost like learning in a chavrusa
3. I set aside at least a half hour a day to go over the previous daf, look things up etc.

So far so good.

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