Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Jewish view on employees wasting time

In todays daf (ברכות ט"ז) the Mishna and Gemara record a series of leniencies for workers with regards to davening and shma. They can read shma up in the tree, they can say a short שמונה עשרה, a short benching, etc. all so as not to steal work time from their employer. When you think about this is amazing. I would have thought that Chazal would have done just the reverse, namely legislate that the employer needs to provide his employee sufficent time to daven properly, bench properly, etc. Instead Chazal placed the onus on the employee. The reason would seem to be because it is very easy for an employee to waste time and steal from the employer. By stating that an employee can't even take time to daven properly chazal were trying to emphasize how serious this issue of stealing time from the employer is and how careful we need to be.

This is a serious business and applies today as well.


Eliezer said...

I am a regular at Hirhurim and was directed here by a link. So far you've done a good job. Keep it up.

bluke said...

Thanks for the kind words