Tuesday, July 08, 2008

What airline should you fly on?

According to the ועד לעניני תחבורה the main criteria is whether or not the flight has movies shown. They split up the airlines into 3 groups.
Preferred - no movies shown
Second choice - movies but only on a personal screen which can be shut off
Third Choice - movies on a main screen

On the Tel Aviv - NY route for example, there are no Preferred airlines. Continental and British are second choice and El Al is third choice (because they have some planes without personal screens and the movies they do show are particularly bad (according to the Vaad). I wonder how they know this? Who watched the movies for them and compared?).

For some reason, they left out some popular airlines on the Tel Aviv - NY route. I know from personal experience that Lufthansa is very popular. They would probably be a third choice because on their trans-atlantic flights they have a lot of planes with movies on the main screen. They also left out Delta which has a non-stop flight Tel Aviv - NY as well as Tel Aviv - Atlanta.

Interestingly enough, Arkia and Israir are prohibited completely.

You can see the whole list below:


Rafi G. said...

I saw that in the paper this morning. I thought it was pretty funny.

Harry Maryles said...

Kol Koreis like this make me cringe. inflight movies hardly qualify as arayos. They are editre to comply with a G rating, IIUC. True the G rating may still have women dressed in pants or shortsleeves etc. but this is no reason to come up with lists like these that creates aditional obstacles for religious travelers.

I don't recall such lists being even a fleeting thought in previous generations. If ibfkight entertainment are a problem that rises to the level of mandating a list or assuring certain airlines, Then Surely the Gedolim of the previous geneartions would have come up with them. In-flight movies were not invented yesterday.

Many Gedolei Yisroel flew on such flights then and one never heard a peep about it!

Beisrunner said...

Given that the passengers nowadays are often dressed just as immodestly as movie characters, it is hard to believe that this prohibition will do anything to prevent hirhurim.

I think the real issue is that watching movies exposes you to another culture in depth. The entire world is now adapting the norms of American popular culture, and charedim who watch even nonsexual movies will not be magically immune to this influence. A movie does not have to have nudity to convey messages that all religious Jews, and all the more so charedim, would find objectionable.

Beisrunner said...

Just to clarify, I see no reason not to fly any airline you want and just choose not to watch movies you find objectionable.

Lion of Zion said...

we came from israel 2 years ago on israir and next to us was a family with 10 relatively young kids. the parents fells asleep and some of the kids were watching the movie on the screen in the front of the plane. it was a pretty racy movie and was a little shocked to see the kids watching it. (the family did not "look" like their kids generally watch these movies.)

i personally go to movies and i am against all these decrees, but i have to say that i'm half sympathetic to this one. i thought it very inappropriate that these kids were watching the movie and i wanted to wake one of the parents parent (i didn't).

Lion of Zion said...


"They are editre to comply with a G rating, IIUC."

have you flown in the last 20 years?