Sunday, July 13, 2008

Olmert's latest problem - double reimbursement for travel

It seems that Olmert would travel abroad (18 times a year while Industry and Trade Minister) and then bill 2 or more charitable organizations for his trip, pocketing the extra payment. This is not just verbal allegations, the police actually have the double receipts. Below is one example of the double billing:

Note the same flight number and date to 2 separate organizations. Interestingly enough the amounts are different.

I can't wait to hear the imaginative excuses for this one.


Rafi G. said...

he is innocent until proven guilty!

how did he charge them different prices for the same flight?

maybe he had a travel companion and one invoice was for him and one was for his companion...

bluke said...

Both named Ehud Olmert? It is interesting that he charged them different prices, but the truth is who would know if the price is correct? If you take any 10 people on a random flight it is very likely that all 10 paid a different price.