Thursday, May 22, 2008

Some things never change, Shas is staying in the government

This is amazing. Eli Yishai the head of Shas said the following:

"It is forbidden to negotiate with the axis of evil and certainly to abandon the Golan to the axis of evil," Yishai told reporters.

How exactly does this fit in with yesterday's dramatic announcement of peace talks with Syria? It is Shas and only Shas that is keeping the government alive. Olmert right now has a coalition of 64 MK's, if Shas leaves he only has 53 and the government falls.

Of course Eli Yishai made the following statement as well:

"At the moment when we see that there is real danger of giving the Golan to the axis of evil, Shas, of course, won't be in the government. We are constantly evaluating whether we should remain in the government."

When is that going to be? 5 minutes before they actually sign the peace treaty? The damage is already done, every minute that Shas stays in the government is just allowing Olmert to cause more and more harm.

So why is Shas staying in the government? Very simple, Olmert is bribing them. This time is is 286 new settlement homes in Beitar Illit, a Haredi "settlement" in the West Bank.

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Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

If Olmert had the money to offer them, the other Chareidi parties would jump into the government and shortly after we might even see a Kol Koreh declaring that the Golan is Syrian territory.

As Koheles said, money has an advantage over everything.