Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Peres: I didn't imagine Qassams would be fired from Gaza after pullout

Here is a list of things that Peres didn't think were going to happen:

1. He believed the separation between the West Bank and Gaza would make things easier not harder.
2. He did not imagine that we would leave Gaza and they would fire Qassams from there.
3. He did not imagine that Hamas would show so strongly in the elections.

(taken from here)

In other words on some of the most important issues of the past decade he was absolutely wrong. The thing is he is not embarrassed at all for being wrong on every single one of these. It isn't just Peres, everyone on the left made the same mistakes. The problem is that they don't learn from their mistakes rather they repeat them over and over again.


Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

The problem with Peres is that his theories are excellent. He simply has lost the ability to understand that just because something works in theory doesn't mean it'll work in the real world.

What was the motivation behind Oslo? In theory, the richer a society is, the less it wants to go to war because the more it has to lose. The poorer a society is, the more it wants to go to war to get some of the rich society's goods.

Oslo, therefore, was about making the so-called Palestinians richer. In theory, if they now had jobs, real responsibilities, homes and something to actually lose in case war broke out, they'd be far less inclined to go to war.

The other thing crucial to Peres' theory was that leaders are rational and want what's best for their people. Peres may be an idiot but I don't believe he's ever deliberately want to kill over 1000 of his own people (and maim how many more?).

Pretty nice theory, eh?

In real life, Arafat, y"sh, was not a rational leader. He was not interested in enriching his people's lives but rather in turning them into a living weapon against Israel. As a result, all the Oslo efforts wound up militarizing and radicalizing the so-called Palestinian people.

Peres' downfall is that he can't accept that his theory was wrong because it wasn't. It was the implementation that didn't work but he can't see that.

Forsberg21 said...

Well said, garnel.

And Peres' policies did not fail - the PALESTINIANS failed.

The Palestinians demonstrated to the world that they refused to uphold their end of the bargain, they demonstrated they were (and are) absolutely incapable of governing themselves, and, per usual, they demonstrated to the world they prefer a culture of violence than a culture of peace.

THAT is the lesson the world should have learned from the Gaza withdrawal.

Peres did not fail, the Palestinians did.

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

I have to disagree. Saying the Arabs failed means not understanding what their objectives were/are in the first place.
The Arab objective is the destruction of Israel through a series of steps as detailed by Arafat, y"sh, in the 1970's.
By accepting the premise of Oslo, by occupying land in Yesha, by attacking Israel on a constant basis, by encouraging the withdrawal from Aza and by continuing to make the lives of Israelis miserable, they are doing exactly what they set out to do. They're actually quite successful.
It's the Israelis who have failed to accomplish any of their goals.

Forsberg21 said...

"I have to disagree. Saying the Arabs failed means not understanding what their objectives were/are in the first place."

I do understand their objectives, but thanks for responding with an ad homimen attack simply because...?

Once again, Israel's policies did not fail - the Palestinians failed.

The disengagement proved that the Palestinians are (per usual) incapable of civility and self-sustainability and lacking the essential criteria to be granted sovereignty.

Israel's lenient policies prove the Palestinians are failures who should not be invited to the table of diplomacy, and the sooner people stop pretending otherwise and also stop condemning the Israeli government and military for the failures of Arabs, the faster Israel can incorporate Gaza/West Bank into their borders and rebuild both regions.

"The Arab objective is the destruction of Israel"

With this statement you are implying that Israel's objectives should be the destruction of Arabs.

Thanks for the response, but launching into an ad homimen attack and claiming that all Arabs want the destruction of Israel and bashing the Israeli government are responses that are not conducive to achieving Israel's security.

bluke said...

Basically you are advocating experimenting with people's lives. People are being killed because of what you call "lenient policies" just to prove that the Palestinians are failures.