Wednesday, August 17, 2005

We made it to America

The flight to America is interminable especially with a bunch of little kids.

R' Shmuel Birnbaum (the Rosh Yeshiva of the Mir Brooklyn) was on the plane. For much of the flight he was in his seat in the back giving shiur to some talmidim. It was a beautiful sight. These guys spent a large part of the flight either listening to the shiur or discussing it. It was an inspiring sight to see the hasmada of these guys (it didn't look like they disturbed anyone). This is what the Charedim do best, they revere limud hatorah.

NY is NY. It is always weird to be back in the US from Israel. The first thing I notice is the Gashmius. Everything is huge. The cars are huge, the houses are huge, etc.


Anonymous said...

You should have taken the opportunity to ask why he signed the ban on R. Slifkin's books. Especially since, as I heard from someone who spoke to his son, he had absolutely no knowledge as to what they were about.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the posts. I would be interested to hear your reflections while in America. It would be an interesting read to see the contrasts between living in Israel and America.