Friday, August 19, 2005

Abbas credits the suicide bombers with the withdrawal from Gaza

So much for Mr. Moderate Abbas. He continued, tomorrow, Jenin, the West Bank and Jerusalem. Does anyone still think this is going to bring peace? See this article Abbas credits 'martyrs' with Israel's Gaza withdrawal and this אבו מאזן: "הנסיגה הושגה בדמם של השאהידים". The English articles whitewash his language, he used the word "shahidim" which refers to the suicide bombers.

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Anonymous said...

We should ask them to throw roses next war.
The roses shahidim.

I do not like them (and this the understatement of the year), but this is a war, and the leader should pay the price to his warrior.

I hope that he will be smart enough to understand that this should be stopped.

Sorry for being unpopular here, but you should hear other voices