Monday, July 20, 2009

All the news that is fit to print according to Hamodia

I have a subscription to both Mishpacha in Hebrew and Hamodia in English. It is absolutely fascinating to see what is printed in Mishpacha and not in Hamodia.

Last week there were 2 front page stories in Mishpacha that were not mentioned at all in Hamodia.

1. A Haredi Madoff. A Haredi investment broker seems to have pulled a Madoff and lost between 30-100 million dollars.
2. A summit about Chinuch Atzmai

What is the common denominator between them? They both involve Gerrer chasidim. The investment broker is a Gerrer Chossid and the Chinuch Atzmai meeting is an open challenge to the Gerrer Hasidim, an attempt to reduce their power. Anything negative regarding Ger is verboten in Hamodia.

It is sad that for some people Hamodia is their only source of news.


The Leader, Garnel Ironheart said...

I used to be as dismissive of Mishpachah as of Yated and Modiah but then I looked through a recent interview and saw that they actually quoted Rav Shlomo Aviner in a relevant and positive way. {Gasp!}

Seems they're going for the more modern side of the Agudah crowd.

Shmuel said...

The independent weeklies have also their own agenda and political patrons, and political correctness. The advantage of Yated and Hamodia is that you know exactly where they stand. They are the devil you know.