Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Now really the largest government ever

3 years ago I posted The largest government ever in Israel 27+ ministers. Politics moves on and Netanyahu's new government will eclipse Olmert's overblown government.

As I pointed out in that post out of 10 other democracies that I surveyed (most of them Parliamentary democracies) the average number of ministers is 16, Sweden having the smallest with 10 and the UK the largest with 22.

Given the small population and size of Israel in comparison to most of these other countries, we can see that 30 ministers is absolutely ridiculous.

In truth, I don't blame Netanyahu, he is doing what he needs to do to create a government that will be stable. The election system is at fault and needs to be changed. Unfortunately, I don't think there is much chance of that happening.


E-Man said...

israeli politics is among the most corrupt. Therefore, the only way to get stuff done is to bribe people. That is probably why bebe is forced to make so many ministers. Really, it is so sad that there is so much corruption in the Israeli government. So much so that the PM got kicked out.

bluke said...

This is why I don't blame Bibi, you have to work within the system that exists.