Thursday, March 12, 2009

The El Al boycott coming back?

רבני המהדרין: לא לטוס באל על

Instead of flying on El Al (which has movies) they recommend flying on European airlines with no movies.

Here are the airlines with no movies:

US - (flights in the US) - US Airways
London - BMI
Belgium - Jet Air, Brussels Airlines
France - Nex Axis Airways
Poland - LOT, Aerosvit Airlines
Hungary - Malev
Czechoslavakia - Czech Airlines


SpaceFalcon2001 said...

They really shouldn't complain about the el al movies, you don't have to activate your personal screen and watch, unlike israir which just had one screen and it was horrible. Not because I don't watch movies, but because I didn't get multiple choices and had to sit through their crappy choices.

bluke said...

They are complaining more about the flights to Europe where there are no personal screens and there is 1 main screen showing a movie.

ManhigHador said...

I guess El Al can go back to flying on Shabbos, since Gedoilim attacked them for something else. Unless El-Al will make a special flight - geared just for hareidim, which I think is the best way to deal with all these problems. Because today they are boycoting about movies, tomorrow it will be about mechitza on the airplane, then shatnez in seats, then place for minian etc etc etc.

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