Thursday, January 01, 2009

Top Barak Aide: IDF not aiming to crush Hamas

Why not????? This is pathetic leadership. Barak (and Livni and Olmert) are just setting us up for the next round in the not so distant future. Crushing Hamas is exactly what needs to happen.

Top aide to Barak: IDF aiming to stop Gaza rocket fire, not crush Hamas


Forsberg21 said...

What their "aides" say to the press is irrelevant.

What is relevant is what we see the Israeli military doing.

What are the doing?

They are clearly flushing Hamas and Palestinian militants and terrorists out of Gaza.

They are clearly converting Gaza's militant infrastructure to rubble.

The government is clearly executing an agenda to eliminate Hamas' seize on Gaza and their political "authority".

Israel is clearly kicking Hamas to the gutter, right where they belong.

Israel has made it clear to the global community - with impeccable and pristine military precision - that Hamas is no longer (and have never been) the "ruling" power of the Palestinians.

Israel has said, "you want Palestinians to stop "suffering"? you want Hamas' seizure of Gaza to end? you want us to open borders? you want us to talk statehood rhetoric? fine - then it is time to do the dirty work of flushing out the filth who have seized Gaza and sealed their own borders and committed crimes of atrocity against Israelis AND Palestinians. Time to "Free Gaza" from Hamas' oppression. We already reconciled ourselves to one terrorist organization [Fatah]. Now it is time to flush out the other."

bluke said...

And what happens the day after we pull out? It sounds like Livni and Olmert are going to invite the Europeans in to make sure the ceasefire is kept. We all know how well that worked in Lebanon.