Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So much for the US stopping arms smuggling to Gaza

Remember how Tzipi Livni made a big deal about how she reached an agreement with the US about helping to stop arms smuggling? There it goes, another one of Tzipi's "big accomplishments" down the drain.

U.S. forced to release Iran ship believed to be carrying arms for Gaza

The U.S. navy was forced to release an Iranian boat detained in the Red Sea on suspicion of carrying arms to Hamas-ruled Gaza. Weapons of various kinds were found aboard the ship, which was flying the Cypriot flag when it was stopped January 19.

The ship was released Tuesday when it became apparent that there was no legal basis for holding it.

At a press conference in Washington, Admiral Mike Mullen, who heads the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said although American naval personnel boarded the ship and found the weapons, they had no legal authority to impound the arms. He suggested that more stringent resolutions by the UN Security Council would be required, stating clearly that Iran is violating standards against arms smuggling.

In other words the agreement with the US is not worth the paper it was printed on.

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