Monday, October 27, 2008

The polls show Kadima with 29-31 seats - unbelievable!!!

I cannot understand how after almost 3 years of a disastrous Kadima government people actually want more. Let's remember that Tzipi Livni's biggest achievement is UN Resolution 1701 which has proven to be an unmitigated fiasco.

Why would anyone vote for Kadima? What do they see? What I see is a party of opportunists that failed miserably at running the country, lost a war and have done nothing. Can anyone think of a single achievement of the current Kadima led government? Why would you want more of Shaul Mofaz, Ruchama Avraham, Eli Aflalo, etc.?

It is clear that the mainstream press greatly prefers Livni and will do everything to help her. I have a feeling that the polls are going to prove just as inaccurate as they were in the Kadima primary with Kadima getting much fewer seats.


evanstonjew said...

In answer to your question people believe that Livni is interested in negotiations, has firm Zionist and humanist values and is far more appealing than Barak or Netanyahu.The latter showed their many flaws during their administrations.

A majority of Israelis want to negotiate a final settlement and Livni is their best hope. Shas will regret the day they refused to compromise.

PS I like your blog.

bluke said...

And you don't find her record a bit thin? What about the Lebanon war? Resolution 1701? What is her economic policy?

Staviyski613 said...

What polls are you reading?

Recent polls I've read through on PBS, Forbes News, and the Israeli Insider indicate Netanyahu is on the verge of passing Livni in Israeli support.

Livni's lack substantial support amongst the other Israeli parties in the parliament could push Netanyahu ahead of her in the polls very shortly.

bluke said...

Yediot and Maariv yesterday. I would guess that they are more reliable then PBS etc.

His Lordship, Garnel Ironheart said...

And even if the PBS poll is right, he's on the verge of passing her? After Kadima's disasterous rule, they should be in single digits and looking for 1-2 seats max!

The sad truth: democratic countries get the governments they deserve, nothing more.

evanstonjew said...

I understand.

I guess it goes this way...I respect her, feel she has integrity, and on negotiations her heart is in the right place.

For a similar view see Yoel Marcus latest column.