Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Leiberman tells it like is regarding Mubarak

Here is what Lieberman said:

[Ze'evi] would never agree to the self effacing attitude of Israel vis-à-vis Egypt. Time after time we went to see Mubarak in Egypt - he never agreed to come here in an official capacity as president.

Every self-respecting [Israeli] leader, would expect a reciprocal visit when making one on his own. He wants to talk with us? Let him come here; he doesn't want to talk with us - let him go to hell,

Lieberman is absolutely right and tells it like it is. Mubarak has been in power for over 27 years and he has never made an official diplomatic visit to Israel. In addition, the official State run press is viciously anti-Semitic. There has never been more then a very cold peace with Egypt. It really is embarrassing how our leaders grovel before Mubarak who is the dictator of a third world country of little real significance.

Of course our wonderful leaders Peres and Olmert couldn't let this insult stand even for a few hours. They telephoned Mubarak right away to apologize and grovel before his excellency. Where is their self respect?

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Ʀahٹლą'i said...

"dictator of a third world country of little real significance"

I wouldn't underestimate Mubarak, brother.

We have to keep in mind that the current Egyptian gov't patrols its borders from smuggling arms and weapons to the Gaza strip. We don't know how things will turn out after he passes the crown.

Also be aware of the fact that Hamas, al-Qaida and more terrorist groups are rooted in Egyptian cells (ikhwan al-muslimun should ring a bell).