Monday, June 23, 2008

Looking back at what the leftists said before the disengagement

I was reading an old post and the comments from 2005 (before the disengagement) and was struck by some some of the things said by leftists and how wrong they turned out to be.

Doresh wrote:
Withdrawing from Gaza makes 100% sense. Israel originally at one time in the 70s offered it back to the Egyptions but they didnt want it. Staying there forments more and more hatred. Remember the Arabs living there think its "their land". They regard it as the one bit of land they have managed to keep a hold of. They are desperate to 'keep' it.

Thus pragmatically you have to understand how the other side sees things and figure out what CAN be done. Once Israel withdraws from Gaza it can effectively seal it off and spend its resources more effeciently. Then there will also be one less thing that enrages the Palastinians.

We see how well that worked. Lets see. We sealed Gaza off but they are shooting rockets over the fence. We are probably going to invade Gaza in the fext weeks and reconquer it.

Someone asked DovBear:
But I still haven't figured out how exactly is the IDF going to stop the mortar and rocket fire that is going to get worse as soon as the IDF leaves.
His answer:
I trust the IDF. I trust that leaving Gaza is the right thing to do. And I trust God to make up the difference.

I guess his trust was misplaced.

Here is another beauty from good old Dovie:

And in conclusion, may I propose the blorange prayer:

Elokeinu v'elokai avosaynu, please let this inevitable withdrawal proceed peacefully and please let it deliver a good outcome.

Som much for Dovie and his prayers, the first half was accepted but not the second.


Garnel Ironheart said...

The problem is that Western leaders, including the Israelis for some stupid reason, don't understand the mentality of the Arab leadership.

In the West, the leader basically wants what's best for his people. Yes, he may be corrupt on somethings but overall he wants his country to do well, if only to win re-election.

The Arab leadership in 'Aza wants to destroy Israel. It doesn't care one whit about its people and sees them only as pawns in the game to attack "the Zionist entity".

A sane leadership would have grabbed the 'Aza opportunity, turned the place around and then said: See? Now liberate the rest of our land since we've shown you what potential we've had.

Hamas has no interest in that, so their people and ours suffer.

Josh said...

He is a leftist at any cost.