Monday, June 30, 2008

Amir Peretz plans his return to head the Labor Party

Peretz to challenge Barak in primary

You couldn't make this up, this is so completely and utterly absurd. Here is a guy who was elected to lead the Labor party and was a total failure. It is hard to imagine someone failing worse. In any other democratic society he would be done for. Just look at what happened to Michael Dukakis after his failed Presidential bid, and his failure was nowhere close to Amir Peretz's failure. After his disastrous term as Defense Minister how can anyone take him seriously as a candidate for Prime Minister? How can anyone think of voting for him? The fact that he can even think of returning shows how warped politics is here in Israel.


משה לרמן said...

Is it possible to think of a PM who failed worse than Barak?

Garnel Ironheart said...

Yeah, Olmert!

bluke said...

Regarding Barak, at least he had some credentials for the job and is known to be very intelligent. Amir Peretz is a rabble rousing populist with zero credentials to do anything.