Friday, August 03, 2007

Mishpacha Magazine discusses the internet

The Mishpacha magazine (in English) has a fascinating article on the internet. Here are some important quotes:

“A blanket ban on home computers is as foolish as a blanket ban on electric saws. But it is just as foolish to leave an electric saw plugged in, out in your living room here there are children. Chinuch is all about teaching our children how to use life’s tools" — Rabbi Leib Kelemen
A prominent rabbi and thinker consulted by Mishpacha feels that "there is no force stopping the Internet from being global — it is far too useful a device. It is one of the greatest discoveries in the history of mankind. Although there are those in klal Yisrael who think that they will be able to keep the Internet out of their homes and lives, they must realize that it will never go away. A person must learn to adapt. The way to win the war of the Internet is not getting rid of the Internet itself. How can we?" He goes on to state: "The initiative to ban the Internet outright is crumbling, because people are beginning to understand how incredibly useful it is. The Internet can be compared to a light bulb. While light bulbs have infinite positive uses, the light they provide can also make it easier for a thief to steal. Is that potential robbery enough of a reason to outlaw the light bulb?" According to this rav, the mass rallies against home Internet usage won’t stop the trend.

The article advocates filters and careful parental supervision and states that there is no foolproof solution.

It is very heartening to see the magazine address the issue in a realistic way.

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Sheldrake said...

You didn't mention the fabulous piece by Yehuda Eckstein of Yeshiva World News who discussed the widespread use of the internet. He spoke about the good things that come out of his service, and the widespread good for the community.