Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Arabs, Jews to be subject to same airport security check

Mofaz: Arabs, Jews to be subject to same airport security check

This is so stupid it would be laughable if it wasn't so serious. The system here has worked for 60 years but let's throw it out the window because it is not politically correct. The bottom line is that Israeli Jews are not terrorists and are not trying to blow up planes while Arabs are. No amount of skating around the issue can change this fundamental fact. Given that, it makes perfect sense to subject Arabs to more stringent security checks.

I have a great idea for Mofaz, let's bring in the TSA.


Nephtuli said...

There are clear costs to racial profiling. If the new technology works as well (or almost as well) as the discriminatory system, the costs of profiling probably outweigh the benefits and it makes sense to stop profiling.

abiebaby said...

Israeli profiling is NOT racial profiling. Basically, after receipt of & action on intelligence, airport security is based on trained observers whose job it is to determine if you actually are who you claim to be. (No one claims to be a terrorist while at the airport.)If it is determined that you actually are, for instance, a saba & savta visiting Israeli grandchildren, you are not a threat and you can be passed after a routine questioning to make sure you haven't been duped into carrying out a terror attack. In addition, of course, technology (in the form of explosives detection equipment & x-ray machines) is also used. This has worked well over all the years it has been in practice--no airplane leaving Israel (or any El El plane) has been hijacked or blown up. It is insane to give up this kind of successful system for pie-in-the-sky high tech, especially if it means less concentration on a segment of the travelers that has tried terrorism as a strategy. Bluke is 100% correct!