Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Another Olmert mistake - a Health Minister who smokes

It is pretty sad that in 2006 a smoker could be appointed Health Minister in Israel, what kind of message does that send?

Olmert has made more mistakes in his first 2 months then anyone could have expected, the smoking Health Minister is just the last of many.

Let us take a look at some of his mistakes.

1. He gave away the store to Amir Peretz. 7 ministers for a party that got just 19 seats is ridiculous.
2. He abolished Deputy Ministers without asking anyone.
3. He caved in to Shas by foregoing the child support cuts when everyone knew that Shas was desperate to get in to the government.
4. He further caved in to UTJ by offering them 400 shekel for the 4th child. Even the pro-disengagement left has started wondering about him. Here is a quote from today's Haaretz (No staying power) written by a left wing journalist who is very pro-disengagement:
But Olmert surrenders easily. He has no principles, he is easily pressured, and he has no staying power.

And if this is the case, how will it be possible to trust him when he conducts the fateful negotiations on the country's borders?

5. He ended up with a government of only 4 parties and 25 ministers
6. He managed to upset almost everyone about the ministry they got and put the wrong people in the different ministries. 2 examples: 1. Shaul Mofaz is pining away for the Defense Ministry when people are being killed on the roads (11 people this week, has anyone heard from Mofaz?) and the infrastructure is crumbling. 2. The Health Minister smokes. What kind of message does that send?
7. The rebellion has already started (i.e. the vote on the budget) and he has done nothing to stop it.

There is no way this government is going to last. The big question will be what will happen to Kadima?

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Anonymous said...

HaModia last week ran an editorial about how UTJ would never compromise national interests for narrow interests of its community, and would never join a government which puts displacing settlers and giving away eretz Yisroel as its priority. Hah!