Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bobov45 Rebbe: Gedolei Yisroel will decide whether we accept the psak of the Beis Din

For those who haven't been following the story after the previous Bobover Rebbe died, both the Rebbe's son-in-law and brother claimed the throne. This caused a split in Bobov (Bobov48 and Bobov45) and they even went to court to resolve the dispute. The judge (a religious Jew) sent them out of court to a Beis Din which has been working on the case for 9 years. The Beis Din just released a psak in which Bobov48 came out the winner.

You would expect that a Chasidic Rebbe would respect the psak of a Beis Din win or lose and move on, but no, he doesn't like the psak so he is consulting with Rebbes in Israel on what to do.

Many are claiming that the Beis Din was corrupt and that the psak is one sided. It is no wonder that many religious people have no faith in the Beis Din system. If the Bobover Rebbe (45) can't get a fair hearing and is thinking of ignoring the Beis Dins psak what should the average person think and do?

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bluke said...

Reminds me of a story I heard about R. Soloveichik. Seems that a certain Chassidische rebbe died and was buried in a family plot. There was only one grave left. He had two sons -- the elder did not wish to continue as rebbe, the younger did. The sons then commenced to fight about who would get to be buried in the (one remaining) grave. "I'm the first-born, so I should get it." "But I am the rebbe, so I should." So they came to R. Soloveichik for a psak.

He heard out the two sides and then issued his psak: "Kol ha kodem, zacha." (Literally: Whoever is first, wins.)