Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Why is the Charedi leadership silent about attacks on Charedi soldiers?

There was another attack on a Charedi soldier yesterday (Dozens attack haredi soldier in Jerusalem) and yet we hear nothing from the leadership. Nothing from the politicians and nothing from the Gedolim. In fact, the Charedi website Kika Hashabbat had the gall to public an article today, נתניהו אשם באלימות, blaming Netanyahu and the secular politicians for the violence. Why the silence? When it comes to the draft, to secular education we hear them loud and clear. However, when it comes to violence against other religious Jews suddenly silence.

This is exactly what happened with קמצא and בר קמצא. The Gemara (גיטין נ"ו) says that בר קמצא thought the following after he was thrown out of the party :
 אמר הואיל והוי יתבי רבנן ולא מחו ביה ש"מ ניחא להו
The Chachamim were sitting at the party and saw what happened and kept quiet it must be that they agree with what was done thus setting in motion the chain of events.

The same certainly applies today.

There is something terribly wrong with charedi chinuch if this is the result.  In addition, there is something very wrong with Charedi society if the reaction to anything bad that happens is to blame someone else. What happened to introspection, looking for faults in yourself? What happened to taking responsibility for your actions? I am sorry, but the only one responsible for the violence in Charedi society is Charedi society.


Berel said...

The mainstream Charedi population has zero to apologize for.The acts of violence harped about endlessly online and in the media are always committed in specific neighborhoods by a specific Charedi subgroup which doesn't give a hoot about what the mainstream Charedi Rabbonim think. K'Shem S'Mitvah Lomor Dovor H'Nismah...Plus an apology is an acceptance of guilt where it doesn't belong

But don't worry.The current Israeli government is doing a wonderful job at making the group referenced above mainstream. I no longer live in Israel and I moved so far towards agreeing with the Kanoim in the past few months (about the Israeli government) I can just imagine what it must be like for those who do live there suffering from it.(Of course the one group the current government will NOT adversely affect is those who commit violence)

P.S. When is the MO leadership going to condemn the endless Loshon Hora Sinas Chinom & Ziyuf H'Torah on the blog world done by those who explicitly say they follow their leadership.

bluke said...

I"m sorry Berel that doesn't cut it any more. Some times you have to protest to protest.

bluke said...

The no true scotsmen approach doesn't work. It is not such a small group and is in fact growing larger every day.

bluke said...


Is there any halachic justification for violence against Charedi soldiers? Destroying property? I don't know of any.

Berel said...
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Berel said...

Comment 1

Correct.But I'm unconvinced this is one of those times.I do think for it is one of those times for the MO leadership versus the blog world .

Comment 2

Do such things happen in Bayit V'gan or Bnei Brak , Kiryat Sefer etc?But as above the government is causing this group to flourish.

Comment 3

I didn't claim there was.But having lived near Guealh for three years and seeing the police beat up people blocks away from Hafganas who were clearly minding their own business I understand (but don't agree with) those who feel that when dealing with Medinas Yisroel violence is acceptable.I'm also(lately) coming to believe that the Israeli government wants the situation to continue due to the propaganda bonanza it offers them.If they didn't they would prosecute those guilty for assault not release them a day later like I remember always happened.

bluke said...

Comment 1 - why Not?
Comment 2 - Actually lately there has been a lot of violence in Bnei Brak as well
Comment 3 - The government doesn't prosecute in a lot of cases because the Charedi establishment brings pressure and stands behind the wrongdoers.