Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Daylight savings in time in Israel will now be until the last Sunday in October

I think this is a reasonable setup, however, it will cause some problems with early morning minyanim in October. At the end of October actual sunrise in Israel is about 6:50, however, many are machmir for נץ הנראה which is 10-15 minutes later. What this means is that those who are machmir will not be able to daven before approximately 6:45.

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SF2K01 said...

Why is that a problem? In my hometown, on that same date, נץ החמה is at 7:56. If it's a real tircha for them, they'll daven before neitz or they're probably working somewhere that understands and will allow them the extra time.

R' Liebowitz has this nice short shiur on the halachos of Davening Early When Neitz is Late.