Monday, April 22, 2013

The Israeli IRS is going after Charedi weddings, caterers and musicians

The Israeli tax authorities have started questioning many Charedim who made weddings recently. They are asking them where did they get the money to pay for thee wedding as well as how much they paid the caterer and musicians. The strategy is very clear.
1. The Charedi population claims to be poor and is poor and yet somehow manages to marry off their children and pay for weddings. It is clear that at least some of this money is unreported/untaxed income that the government is after.The government is asking if make 5,000 shekel a month and spend it all to get by where did you get the money to pay x thousand shekels for a wedding?
2. The Charedi caterers and musicians are most probably not declaring a large part of their income. The authorities are forcing the wedding makers (under legal penalty) to detail how much they paid the caterer and musicians. The authorities will then match this up with what those parties declared as income and go after them for the rest.


Larry Lennhoff said...

What a relief to know that the prohibition of theft means that all these people have paid their taxes honestly and on time. Good thing they follow halacha so stringently!

bluke said...

You should read some of the comments on the Charedi sites that justify tax cheating, גונב מן הגנב and חמסנותא

E-Man said...

So very sad, also, as you can see over by rationalist judaism, they rely on every chumrah in the world, but when it comes to learning in kollel they rely on the shadiest of kulas. I don't get their (stated) logic (I underrstand what is probably the real logic thought).