Monday, January 14, 2013

Local newspaper in Beitar prints a family picture in the snow and is called to Beis Din

One of the local newspapers in Beitar printed the picture below of the Mayor's family enjoying the snow.
The picture looks innocent enough so what was the problem? If you look really closely you can see that there is a woman/girl in the picture. Because of that the publisher was summoned to Beis Din to explain himself how he could publish such an "un-tznius" picture.

Source: ביתר: פרסם את תמונת רעיית ראש העיר וזומן לבית דין


Harry Maryles said...

...truly mind boggling that there are Frum Jews who think like this!

Avi Greengart said...

Shouldn't the problem be that they built a carved image/idol?

Mordechai Y. Scher said...

I was recently at a kiruv conference where a rav warned his audience about doing things that 'make Orthodox Jews look silly'. That was his working definition of hillul hashem in the presentation. I think it is apt. But what can we say when a beit din makes Orthodox Jews look ridiculous?

Kevin in Chicago said...

R. Harry, take comfort in the fact that non-frum Jews have bravely resisted infection by this particular meshugas. Avi, I believe because it's a snowMAN, it's OK; only images of the female variety of tzelem Elokim are assur. And R. Mordechai, what else to say but "Oy!"?