Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Are they really out to destroy the Torah world? Will there really be no Yeshiva world if Yeshiva boys are drafted?

According to the Charedi press the answer is yes and yes. See the Yeshiva World News for an example of this where this is called a שעת השמד and that everyone should prepare to go to jail.

A commenter on YWN wrote a very insightful comment which expresses really well what I have been thinking and blows away the whole Charedi conception of what is going on. Here is the comment with my thoughts interspersed in [brackets]

I know the whole “the world’s out to get us & they’re controlled by the big bad Zionists” thing is very appealing. It’s also effective at accomplishing a specific goal of rallying the troops. However, it’s hysteria in this situation. The big bad Zionists are not out to rid the world of Torah & Mitzvos. Are there anti-religious Zionists? Are there people in the State that hate religion? Yes, but they are a minority just like the Neturei Karta who meet with the Iranian president. The majority of Israelis believe in Hashem & are religious to one extent or another (80% according to yet another recently published study in Israel that I saw this week [see this post of mine for the data]). No one is asking the chareidi tzibur to close their yeshivas or to drop religion & learning. They are simply asking for help. [the average middle class Israeli is simply staggering under the load and has reached the breaking point]
The government discussions at this point are NOT saying that every 18 year old ben Torah will be drafted to the army. In fact, the plan is to allow some full time learners to get a deferment and some to have to serve. [many of the proposals talk about a deferment until 22, also, Hesder has existed for over 50 years, the Charedim could have created an equivalent where they learn in Yeshiva for a year and half to 3 years before the army and then serve in separate units for a shorter time]. Also, no one said they will have to serve in the army – they are being given a choice of army OR a CHESED program (called Sheirut Leumi, National Service). The fact that the rav is quoted as having said this tells us that the person who has been informing the rav of the situation has neglected to tell him the truth or the whole truth. Unfortunately, this is often the case – there are askanim that have very specific & biased intentions when they ask a question of a rav or give him information or even when they “quote” him.
Additionally, if some chareidim are asked to help serve, this in no way means “there will be no yeshivos.” Are there no other people in the chareidi batei midrashim?? Only boys who are 18 – 20?? [To me this is the most important point made here. They want to draft yeshiva boys for a very limited amount of time and are flexible on when. After their 2-3 years service they can go back to the yeshiva.  I will say it again, you don't have to reinvent the wheel, Hesder has been doing this for over 50 years. In Hesder they learn for almost 2 years, then go to the army for a year and a half and then back to yeshiva for a year and a half]. Perhaps the other chareidi tzibur members need to pitch in for a bit to cover while those boys are serving. Oh, and there are hours before & after “service hours” for soldiers & national service members. Just like all the frum people of the world that work & learn or serve & learn – the yeshivas can & should stay open. Perhaps they’ll need to adjust their hours a bit but it’s worth it.

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Avi said...

If Charedim were logical and rational, they wouldn't be Charedim.