Monday, June 11, 2012

The richest Rabbis in Israel

I find it hard to believe that the Gerrer Rebbe is worth 350 million shekel and the Belzer Rebbe 180 million. How did they get so rich? Where does the money come from?


Mississippi Fred MacDowell said...

There is a not-uncommon practice for businessmen to invest "with" the rebbe of their choice, using their own money, of course. So a rebbe could have a % of many, many, many business deals or even businesses, without ever laying out a dime or any risk.

zdub said...

How many Gerrer chassidim are there? Why is it so hard to believe? Do you think that these hassidic leaders are not above taking wads of money from their superstitious cult followers? The only difference between many of them and the kabbalist wonder scammers - oh sorry - wonder workers is that the "respectable" admors & such don't necessarily overtly promise parnassah, children, etc. But it's often implied.

Free mansions with luxury furnishings, free food, free limousine service, besides the BUCKETS of money. They are no different than the many gurus of Eastern persuasion except that their excesses are less publicized. Although with the Jewish "gurus" - with the exception again of some of the kabbalists - they don't seem to use their power for sexual services, fortunately.

Moshe said...

Of course, you could also come to the realization that like most other secular publications, Forbes Israel has an agenda to push.

I can guarantee that the number is "an estimate", i.e. made up based on very little evidence (if any). I'm sure that they have gotten enough evidence to prevent a libel suit - but not nearly enough to actually prove anything.

The Shipper said...

Rabbi Rakeffet explained in his lectures that the Gerrer rebbes in the 30's had the foresight to invest in property that later became worth millions.